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Facts about cheetahs

WALT inform others about an animal/creature or habitat, through our writing.
Success Criteria:
  1. Create a title.
  2. Write a general introduction.
  3. Use Subheadings -Each new topic is a new paragraph.
  4. Use facts written in your own words.
  5. Write a conclusion.
  6. Use descriptive verbs eg hovers.
  7. Use topic specific nouns eg kakapo, reptile
  8. Include technical words eg nocturnal, monotreme
  9. Write in present tense.
  10. Vary the sentence beginnings.
  11. Use complex sentences eg This long, sticky tongue secretes sticky glycoprotein rich mucus, which insects stick to readily.

 WALT inform others about  an animal I create or habitat  through our writing.

WALT to spell everyday( and/or difficult )words accurately in our writing  
 Facts about cheetahs
Cheetahs are a part of the cat family . they live in most grasslands in south africa.
Their appearance
The cheetah is about 1-2 - 1.5 metres in length.  It's height is around 66cm - 94cm as an adult.  They weigh from 21 - 72 kilograms.
Cheetahs are carnivores.  They eat antelope, birds and hares.   They are excellent hunters.

Cheetahs live in the grasslands in South Africa.  They roam around and don’t stay in one spot unless they are breeding.  Cheetahs also use trees to have a safe spot away from predators.
Cheetahs are very fast.  They are  the fasted animals in the world on land. They are quick to get to the other animals.  Their fastest speed is about a 110 km an hour
People are trying to get rid of types of cheetahs.  They hunt them for fun and are also putting them in zoos .  Cheetahs have claws and teeth to protect themselves.  Their speed also lets them get away from trouble fast.
There are different types of cheetahs. South African cheetahs live for 10-12 years.  They breed up to 2-3 cubs at a time.  Cheetahs are related  to bobcats .

So I think cheetahs are a very interesting and cool and I think i have done well in spelling  .
My next step is to add detail into my information report


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