Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Elction who will you vote

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

Have you voted yet,who do you reckon is the best party ? I reckon That Maori party should get your vote
That this party going to stop companies coming into the county and growing caravans. Also they are stopping water been taken to different countries. So the maori party has promise when they get in the government they will act on all of this.
The 1st policy I’m going to talk about is, Aim to have fresh water  drinkable so we don’t have to rely on the systems and we can just drink anywhere in the mountains. We can  drink wherever and when people run out of water they can go and get water from a river.More water drinkable water in new zealand.  Talking about water here is a new topic Ban the export of bottled water by foreign companies until the question of water ownership is addressed

The 2nd policy I'm going to talk about is, Ban the export of bottled water by foreign companies until the question of water ownership is addressed. So then we won’t have to share our water with other countries that can’t produce water so then we don’t have to  suffer. So we don’t have to share our brands and our awesome water with the world and when we are suffering from not having enough water in the world we will have enough because we are not sharing our water. Talking about a new topic here is one Plant 100,000 hectares of forest over 10 years.

The 3rd policy i’m going to talk about is ,100,000 hectares of forest over 10 years.So we can get more animals back into the world  because soon we won’t have any meat. So we can have tons more firewood in nz without importing it.So we can breath better in new zealand and then we won’t die and don’t have more of a chance diying .Here is a policy I disagree with.

The Disagree policy is,Introduce road pricing on major routes.They are going to make you pay for going on roads because if you don’t have money can’t go on the roads. It will slow down traffic and clauses more problems. Here is the conclusion and some questions as well.

So clearly you can see that the maori party is the best Party . That there policies are very good especially around water and transport.Well I haved talked about all of the policies. Will you vote maori party?
My next steps are: To add more detail to my policies.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Formal Letter

WALT: Write a formal letter.

  • Complete the table below to help you reflect on how well you have done this.

What were your next steps that you set at the start of this unit.
Which of these next steps did you achieve?
I just need to add my spelling and punctuation and a better coulson throughout the whole letter  and add the person address I’m sending to.

All of it beset the spacing of the letter that's it .
Which of these next steps did you NOT achieve? Why do you think this was?
Overall what have you learned about writing a formal letter.
Spacing Because I did not read carefully enough through the layout of the letter and I did not space out them.

That Its hard and you need to have both address spacing is imported ,spelling and punctuation.