Tuesday, 25 October 2016

superhreo stroy

WALT to write a story suitable to entertain a  5-6 year old

Here is a superhero called Jak Man.
Jak Man is a superhero who loves saving people and animals.  He can fly super fast and fight really well. He lives In a cave in christchurch in a side of a hill.

Jak Man heard reports on the radio of cats going missing  and then he saw Cat Man speeding  away... All of the cats from Christchurch  were gone.
Cat man drove away to Auckland with all the cats because it was secret and far away from christchurch . Once he arrived  in Auckland,  Cat Man drove  into his secret cave  which was underground. He had a room full of cages and he put each cat in a cage. Cat Man wanted all the cats in Christchurch so he could make a cat army because he wanted to defeat Jak Man.  

Jak Man went to his secret tracking device in his cave and he was trying  to track down the cats because  he knew that the cats had microchips.  Once he found the cats he would be able to find Cat Man.   The tracking device showed that there were a lot of cats in a cave in a hill near the boats. He found the cave and entered really quietly. He crept into the tunnel quietly. He found the cats in their cages, they were hidden under a blanket. He sneaked away with all the cats and returned them to their homes.

“Again really,” says Jak Man, “All the dogs were stolen in Christchurch, but they are not in Auckland, where have they gone?”.
“Let’s go to the tracking device,” he suggested.  After searching for a while he stated, “They are in Christchurch in a car park building in 250 Ok Street. Let’s go to the Jak Mobile.” Off he went.

“ Found it,” yelled Jak Man.
Ring, ring, ring.

‘Hi officer Chop I need your team down here at 250 Ok street,” I requested.
“Ok,” said Officer Chop.
“Now we are going to go inside the building really quietly,” whispered Jak Man
“Ok,” said Officer Chop
“ Right found the dogs but I want cat man,” said Jak Man “Ok,” said offer Chop
“Kap pow,”  goes cat man, he takes out Officer Chop.

“Now I have got you cat man you are under arrest,” said Jak Man  “Ok,”said Cat Man
“I am taking you to the station,” said Jak man  “Come on officer Chop we will get these dogs home at the same time,” said Jak man .

Jak man                                 Cat man

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