Tuesday, 20 September 2016

integrated learning

Walt make changes to show excellence in school design

We are doing new classroom because we think our classroom’s are boring so we need to make our classroom’s exciting.  

They are special doors they are elitch sliding key cards doors. They will cost our school not to munch. But the doors only let the key cards open the door between 8:30 till 3:30 the doors will be very cool.

The walls will be colorful just like our writing and stuff we will have hanging chairs built in couers and tv’s.

Solar panel   
We need solar panels to generate power for us because then we don’t need that much power from power lines  and it will cost us less.

School name
On the school name we reckon it should be fren school  because it is native and it grows around here. So I reckon it is one of the best names for our school.

In our classroom we should have two tvs and one is in the wall and one is in the floor.The kids that want to sit on the floor can and the people who want to sit up somewhere else they can  .  

So do you think we need a new classroom? we do.


What changes do I need to make to achieve excellence in school design?

Teacher Directed
Learner Directed
Extended Abstract
Learner Autonomous
I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.

What changes do I need to make to achieve excellence in school design?

I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.


I can compare and contrast ideas between Oaklands School in 2016 and what it could look like in the future.
I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.


I can compare and contrast ideas between Oaklands School in 2016 and what it could look like in the future.


I can look at these qualities in a new way by creating and presenting an idea for what Oaklands School might look like in the future.


WALT use muti/div to slove part unkown problems like. 1/5 of 25=5

1 2/5 =10 
2 3/4 of 16=12 
3 4/6 of 36=24

Here is a picture of my work. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Jak persuasive writing

In my opinion  we should not wear school uniform at school because our school uniform is uncomfortable and costs too much money  for our parents.  

Paragraph 1
Come on people, we need to be different from each other when we are at school. With our school uniform on we don’t look different from each other. We should be allowed to wear mufti because we could show our different cultures and personalities.

Paragraph 2    
What is the point of buying school clothes when you have mufti in your drawers? It just costs more money for example it is $112 for a pair of shorts, top and jersey, that is insane. You need to buy them each year as you grow, this costs our parents a lot of money buying mufti clothes will be cheaper than school clothes .   

Paragraph 3
Our parents still have to pay tons of money on school fees and then they have to buy school uniform what is the point of school uniform.  Some parents don’t have enough money to buy school clothes let alone school fees.

So I think we need to wear mutif instead of school clothes because overall mufti is better than school uniform to wear for the reasons I have stated above.

I think I am a level three because I have done well in my writing but not as detailed as level 4

Friday, 2 September 2016


Rebuilding Christchurch with Amazing Ideas  CN L3

WALT consistently read to understand the meaning of the text
Success Criteria
When I am reading I will:
  1. Read texts through more than once so I understand it really well.
  2. Use my knowledge of words to work out how to read difficult words.
  3. Read topic sentences at the start of paragraphs to see what the paragraph is about.
  4. Skim and scan for keywords to help me understand what the text is about.
  5. Use the my knowledge of the text and words, or a dictionary, to work out the meaning of difficult words.
  6. Ask myself questions about the text, especially if I do not understand it.
  7. Ask a buddy or teacher for help if I am stuck.

For each subheading from the article listed below, record what you think the main idea is after reading the text.

My understanding of the main idea…..
The Amazing Place City Project
It will be cool when our city is built again but how does that design the residents  our city
Getting Ideas
We need some kids help design this is going to be where they live soon and also we need to get  kids like 10 -8 years old
The Dome
Is cool but we need to look at the real build is it possible
Making It Sustainable
Those big kori’s will be hard to waterproof the building with those there.
Fun and Science
It was fun but we need stuff for the kids.

Can you apply your understanding of this article now.
Your Challenge:
Can you think about a project for Oaklands School that could be included in our “Dream Big” ideas. Work in a group of 2 -3.  

Add your ideas and information in the table below.

Gather ideas:
Cool sitting spaces new carpet
Bigger windows
Big slider
Rugby field
Indoor basketball\gym crout  
Soccer fields
Allowed to climb trees
Joint classrooms
Scooter park
Outdoor spaces to learn

Draw your design (google drawing)

How could it be sustainable
Yes it could be
You could use concrete, double glazed windows and solar panels

Aug 31, 2016 12:45:04 PM.jpg

Make a model of it. (What equipment will you need to gather?)
Egg cartons