Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Experience

walt What Changes do I need to make to protect our earth?

do we still use horse's to carry cargio?

How long is the troposhere?
o to 10 km

what does the sun do to water?

what is the last planet from the sun?

what is the 4th planet from the sun?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Book selling

“Book Selling”
WALT choose the right information about a book we have read, that will encourage others to want to read it when we share it with them..

Title of book
Combat Zone

Tell us about the authorImage result for tom palmer
Tom Palmer is  a father, husband, author, football fan and a reader. Reading about football was what changed his life.
Tom wasn’t keen on reading when he was young.His mum was worried about him because he didn’t do very well at school. She encouraged him to read about football in newspapers, magazines and books. Gradually he came to love books.
And, from that point, it  changed his life. He wanted to know everything about books. He went to night school to do A levels (high school qualifications) when I was 21. Then he did a degree in European Literature when he was 24. It was brilliant!    After he had graduated, he went to work in a bookshop, then a library, then he managed book festivals. All that time he was writing: stories, poems, diaries and books for adults. Then – after a few years – he was lucky enough to have one of his football books for children accepted by Puffin- a publishing company.

Explain who the characters are using descriptive language.

Woody is the main character at first he loved soccer but now loves Rugby but if you want to know more read the book….

Mr Johnson he is the rugby coach for Broadlands School, he is so nice to Woody in the story and he gave him a position in the team in the semifinal.

Tell us enough about the beginning of the story so that everyone will understand what they are about to read.

Woody’s dad is a fighter pilot, and  he had to go away for the war, so Woody had to go to a boarding school, which only played rugby. But he loved soccer so he had to give rugby a go…..

Finally, read an exciting, interesting, or amusing passage from your book. (Stop reading at a moment that leaves the audience hanging and add "If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book."
Pages 13
Woody was going to escape Broadlands tonight at 12:00 tonight. He jumped fence all of sudden there was a dog he chased him throw the fields but he didn’t get bitted he had to run to the train station and  catch the train back into town.

WALT review a novel in a way that sells it to other readers.

Extended Abstract
WALT review a novel in a way that sells it to other readers.

I can define:
  • The title of the book
  • The author
  • The main characters

I can describe the:
  • Main characters
  • The author
  • The beginning of the book
I can analyse the novel to:
  • Choose who the main characters are to describe to my audience
  • Choose what to say about the story so as to interest others but not tell them the whole story.
  • Choose an entertaining section of the novel to read out to the audience.
I can evaluate how well I have sold my book by:
  • How many questions were asked about this novel.
  • How many people have read this novel.
  • Asked 2 students for feedback about how well I presented my book sell.

Giving good feedback is to:
  • Be kind
  • Be specific
  • Be helpful
Responding to feedback is to:
  • Adjust/alter my presentations accordingly.