Tuesday, 7 November 2017

pals #5

I played touch I made brayden reef I joined in everybody wanted me on there team but just went on the one brayden put me on it was a huge hit and my team won and I showed active thinking because I did not just play hard I went easyer for other people to have a go.

Pals #4

I did stills with sam it was a hit in the junior school and we pretty much let them play on them just did a couple of races and I showed coummity to go longer because they were loving it.

Pals #3

I did basketball it was a huge hit and loved reefing and my another went in joined in it was a super fun time I showed excellenxce to kept reefing and never give up.

kapa haka #3

Me and soulin were been super loud and we all got steered at it was so scary I showed active thinking by raising voulmue so every body will go up to that voulmue

band #3

I have taked part in the school band I have my frist perfrome in week 4 of next trem so I have been using active thinking to make sure I  take my gutair

pals #2

I did touch we had about 30 kids it went super well and I enjoyed it it was so fun and I think every body eles does I show coummity by not leaving any body out.

Pals #1

so I played dodgeball I was reef it went super well we had about 100 kids trun up I had to show respcet because people were not listening but I did not yell I just asked them to listen