Wednesday, 15 March 2017

fire on the port hills #3

The fire on the port hills has been going on for the last 2 weeks it has been very dangerous burning down eleven homes.

Day 1
It started in lansdown or on early valley road it was caused by a powerline and then it went into the grass and also fire engines were called off until half an hour later and then it was threatening six homes in lansdowne and only one home burned down and then it started to go to kennys bush.

Day 2
It was very big there were two fires one was near tip tapu and one was near westmorland and kennedys bush  so masons were working really hard that day.

Day 3
The fire was really went big that was day it took out 10 houses it was massage and fire crews were working  really hard that day and also the mountain bike park was burned down.

Day 4
That day was the day the fire crews took out the flames.

Day 5
Hot spot day tons of firemen are working on the hot spots and they needed helicopters to help is well with taking out hot spots.

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