Monday, 5 September 2016

Jak persuasive writing

In my opinion  we should not wear school uniform at school because our school uniform is uncomfortable and costs too much money  for our parents.  

Paragraph 1
Come on people, we need to be different from each other when we are at school. With our school uniform on we don’t look different from each other. We should be allowed to wear mufti because we could show our different cultures and personalities.

Paragraph 2    
What is the point of buying school clothes when you have mufti in your drawers? It just costs more money for example it is $112 for a pair of shorts, top and jersey, that is insane. You need to buy them each year as you grow, this costs our parents a lot of money buying mufti clothes will be cheaper than school clothes .   

Paragraph 3
Our parents still have to pay tons of money on school fees and then they have to buy school uniform what is the point of school uniform.  Some parents don’t have enough money to buy school clothes let alone school fees.

So I think we need to wear mutif instead of school clothes because overall mufti is better than school uniform to wear for the reasons I have stated above.

I think I am a level three because I have done well in my writing but not as detailed as level 4

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