Thursday, 19 May 2016

jak's Dear Diary

WALT view the world from another person’s point of view.

                         Dear Diary
As I was going through  the battlefield all I could hear was ‘boom bang’ of the guns and shells. As I was sleeping all I could hear was ‘err err err’ all night long, the noise of the mice squeaking and eating the crumbs on the floor of the trench .
Over night you could not get to sleep because of the mouse and your friends dieing .
The trenches were so gross I could spew because their were mouse down their and worms .

It is so hard being away from your family because your friends are dying and then you don’t have any one else  know people .
One day when I was going through the battlefield I got shot in the arm.  I fell down onto the exploded shell and I saw a German soldier in the shell how too, he was injured …  
5/5/16 We had  to wear clothes for three months without taking them off and the only wash we got was the rain but to be absolutely honest I did not like it at war.  
The meals were not satisfying,  every night for tea  I ate stew, you would only get the very thick, chewy meat and not a lot of it.


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