Friday, 1 April 2016

Run Bike Run

     The Run Bike Run             

            On Fire       
WALT write a recount of a recent  event
Under the scorching sun we walked to the Kauri Run Bike Run at the Halswell Domain.
“As I was just about to start the race. I was nervous to race and it was time. I was waiting,  we were lined up, clap we were off. As I zoomed out  I was in  3rd place. Then I caught  up with second and passed Seth. The run was over.
I came out of transition in 3rd place and then I caught up with Josh  and passed him. It was time for the last run and I was beaten out of transition by Josh. I didn't catch Josh  but I came 3rd and I get to go to the SW Zone Run Bike Run at Ruapuna .

I felt really happy about my performance and I think I did well.

It was time for someone to get our medals out. I was getting the third place medal, Josh was getting the second place medal  and then Jack got first place medal for the 10 year old  boy's race.

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